Apartments on Tolmie
Mount Gambier, South Australia                        

Mount Gambier 

Mount Gambier is located approximately 4 1/2 hours drive from Adelaide in South Australia, either via the Princes Highway along the coast or inland via the Duke and Riddoch Highways. It is also the same distance from Melbourne in Victoria, making it an ideal place to stopover when travelling between states or cities. We have a lot of guests stay when holidaying along the Great Ocean Road or when driving from Victoria to Adelaide, Kangaroo Island or other South Australian destinations. There is so much to see and do while in Mount Gambier, plan to stay for at least a few days or make it your destination for a week long vacation and relax. To access information on Mount Gambier, visit the Lady Nelson Visitor & Discovery Centre link. For accommodation Apartments on Tolmie


v      The Lady Nelson Discovery Centre - A tourist complex that provides visitors with information on the region as well as a range of visual and interactive activities.       Toll Free Phone 1800 087 187

Tourist Attractions

v      Blue Lake – Visit the most famous attraction to view the brilliant blue water, ideally between November & March each year. Located only 3kms from the Apartments. Take a stroll around the circumference of the lake, allow 1 hour or drive around. Tours to the surface of the Blue Lake run regularly with Aquifer Tours.

v      Umpherston Sinkhole – Visit the beautiful garden in an open limestone cave either during daylight or at night when you are able to hand feed possums. Visit  Percy’ Possum’s Hideaway  for local crafts and souvenirs.

v      Engelbrecht Cave Tour - Take a tour of this complex system of limestone caves. See how the caves were formed and learn how the underground water filters through the limestone to the Blue Lake.

v      Timber Industry Tours - Learn about the forestry and milling processes on a guided tour of the local timber mills.

v      Glenelg River Cruises – Visit Nelson, Victoria only 30 minutes from Mount Gambier and take a cruise along the Glenelg River or hire a canoe.